About US

providing the Australian security dog sector a collective voice

The National Association of Security Dog Users Australia Incorporated (NASDU Australia Inc) was established in 2020 following endorsement by the originating body, NASDU United Kingdom. 

Our Aim

The aim of NASDU Australia Inc is to provide Australian canine security industry stakeholders a credible collective voice within the industry. 

We also seek to achieve and promote national standards for all trainers, handlers and dogs used within the Australian private security industry and for those who are concerned with the care, health, safety and welfare of working security dogs.

Our Management

NASDU Australia Inc is a registered incorporated association with Fair Trading NSW.

NASDU Australia Inc is a not for profit association where all fees for service will be directed towards providing ongoing benefits for members.

NASDU Australia Inc is managed by a committee which is governed by a registered constitution in accordance with the requirements of Fair Trading NSW.

A copy of the constitution can be viewed here.

Our Objectives

NASDU Australia Inc

NASDU Australia Inc will operate under a similar model to that as NASDU UK, providing the Australian security dog industry a collective voice.

NASDU Australia Inc promotes standards, training and education within the private security dog sector and offers support and guidance to both members and end users.

NASDU Australia Inc aims to promote the newly developed Australian Standards AS 5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs within the security industry and encourages all members to embrace the standards within their individual operating environments.

NASDU Australia Inc will keep members up to date with the use of canines in the security industry and related topics.

NASDU Australia Inc offers both individual and company memberships (Standard and Accredited). It is a “Not For Profit” association. All fees for services be directed towards educating our members on best practice strategies for the responsible deployment of canines within the Australian private security industry.

NASDU Australia Inc defines a Security Dog as including;