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Standard Membership

Standard Membership of NASDU Australia Inc is open to any Individual or Organisation with an interest in supporting the responsible delivery of canine security services within Australia and in complying with the requirements of AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs.


  • Standard Individual Membership $ 77
  • Standard Organisation Membership $ 77

Benefits Include

NASDU Australia Inc Member Keyring

Standard Individual Membership

Standard Organisation Membership

Accredited Membership

Accredited Membership is available to Standard Individual or Organisation Members who seek to gain official accreditation of compliance with AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs.

Competency requirements for both handlers and dogs are available in Forms. 

Accredited Individual Membership

Accredited Individual Membership applicants will be be required to satisfy the Competency Requirements (see link above) as outlined in  AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs.

Initial Accreditation will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1 – Practical Assessment

Phase 1 – Practical Assessment will require the applicant to satisfactorily demonstrate competence in the relevant Performance Criteria required by AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs within the specialisation applied for (Security and/or Detection).

The assessment will be conducted by a NASDU Australia Approved Assessor.

The cost of the Practical Assessment is included in the Application Fee. An additional fee will be charged for a re-assessment.

The Phase 1 – Practical Assessment must successfully be completed annually to satisfy ANNUAL ACCREDITATION for both dog and handler in the specialisation applied for (Security and/or Detection).

After successfully completing Phase 1 – Practical Assessment the applicant will be issued with an “Interim Accreditation” pending the successful completion of Phase 2 – Knowledge Assessment

Phase 2 – Knowledge Assessment

After completing Phase 1 – Practical Assessment, the applicant will be required to complete a NASDU Approved Accredited Training Course through a Registered Training Organisation which satisfactorily addresses the requisite Knowledge Evidence required by AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs.

The applicant must complete this course within the first year of accreditation.

After successfully meeting the requirements of Phases 1 and 2, the applicant will be issued with “Accredited Member” status and receive a GOLD ACCREDITATION CARD with photo ID and bearing the specialisations for which both handler and dog/s are accredited.

Details of the dog and handler’s accreditation will be publicised on the public access page of the NASDU Australia website.

Following successful initial accreditation an Accredited Member will enter into a mandatory Continuation Training Program.

Continuation Training

To ensure competency milestones are achieved throughout the accreditation period, the Accredited Member MUST complete the mandatory Continuation Training program.

Continuation Training (CT) will require a minimum of 12 days of training per calendar year. Three days of training must be completed in each quarter.

It is the responsibility of the Accredited Member to arrange CT with an Approved NASDU Australia Trainer. A fee will apply for Continuation Training.

Continuation Training is not an assessment process. It is designed to assist handlers and dogs to maintain operational competency with the view successfully achieving re-accreditation.

The NASDU Australia trainer will complete the member’s CT Training records at the completion of each session which will be made available to the member for review. A record of each CT session will also be maintained on the NASDU Australia website and available for view by the member.

A handler and/or dog MUST complete ALL mandatory Continuation Training prior to annual re-accreditation.

If an Accredited Member is unable to complete a CT session within the required timeframe, the session should be rescheduled at the first available opportunity. If the member fails to complete two or more consecutive CT sessions, their NASDU Australia accreditation may be withdrawn.

Accredited Organisation Membership

Accredited Organisation Membership applicants will be audited on site by NASDU Australia Inc Assessors for compliance with the organisational requirements outlined in AS5350 Australian Standard for Private Security and Detection Dogs

Accredited organisations will receive a Certificate of Accreditation for display at their business location as well as recognition on the NASDU Australia website.


  • Handler Accreditation (per specialisation) $125
  • Dog Accreditation(per specialisation) $125
  • Re-assessment Fee (per specialisation) $110
  • Organisation Accreditation $250
  • Organisation Re-accreditation $150
  • Continuation Training $110

Benefits Include

NASDU Australia Inc Accredited Handler Badge
NASDU Australia Inc Accredited Dog Tag